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Gosselin Logistics offers quick storage solution

Antwerp Cargo Movers, recently acquired by Gosselin, needed an urgent solution to store 900 cubic meters of wood for their customer. Gosselin and Pasec Port came to their aid, resulting in an efficient collaboration between all three companies.

“The wood was purchased at a French sawmill in Goetzenbruck,” Transport & Port Logistics manager Nik Coenye says. “The 900 cubic meters of sawn wood were stored there when the sawmill and the client asked to move it as soon as possible.” Antwerp Cargo Movers approached Gosselin with the request to unload the wood, store it, and reload it later for export.

Temporary storage space was found in Gosselin’s latest facility, the old warehouse of Cuypers. They’re Gosselin’s supplier of forklifts but recently moved to a different location. Since this warehouse is located in the Port of Antwerp, the activities have to be performed by certified port workers. “That’s where Pasec Port, who are located right next to the old Cuypers warehouse, enters the picture. They have the workers and the know-how for a job like this!”

Pasec Port and Gosselin arranged for quick transport to transfer the wood to Belgium. A total of thirty trucks will arrive over three days to deliver their cargo.

“As part of Gosselin Group, we are proud to partake in such a dynamic and resourceful network. This collaboration not only addresses the immediate needs of our clients but also demonstrates our commitment to providing swift and effective solutions within the logistics industry. We appreciate the opportunity to work alongside Gosselin and Pasec Port in this endeavor and look forward to continuing successful collaborations in the future,” Manager Operations of Antwerp Cargo Movers, Nicolas Lens, says.


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About Gosselin Logistics

Gosselin Logistics is a leading provider of logistics services. With activities ranging from terminal operations, forwarding and warehouse storage to customs formalities Gosselin Logistics can offer its customers a constant supply chain. Heavy-Gosselin is a division of Gosselin Logistics specialized in industrial projects.  

Gosselin Logistics is a division of the Gosselin Group that has its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in 1930 and employs a staff of 975 that generates more than 450 million euros in turnover. 

BayWa r.e. en Gosselin

First container of 950 marks the start of the collaboration between BayWa r.e. Solar Trade and Gosselin

Like the laying of a foundation stone, the arrival of the first container of solar panels marks the new cooperation between BayWa r.e. Solar Trade and Gosselin. To achieve the storage of some 950 containers per year, Gosselin expanded its customs license from just its own warehouses to external warehouses.
Opwaardering Albertkanaal

Nog meer inzetten op binnenvaart

De opwaardering van het Albertkanaal is bijna voltooid. De ophoging van de bruggen en verbreding van het kanaal zorgen dat vierlaags containervaart voor DV containers voortaan mogelijk wordt. Ook voor Gosselin is dit goed nieuws aangezien Logistics zwaar inzet op de binnenvaart als transportmiddel.
Prime Forest, Treecraft, Solid Doors & Gosselin

With a smiling face

Just before the end of the year 2023, a delightful gift falls from the sky for Prime Forest, Treecraft, Solid Doors, and Gosselin. A splendid collaboration between the companies has been formalized. In the coming years, the enterprises of Treecraft, Prime Forest, and Solid Doors will collaborate with Gosselin to ensure the smooth flow of various logistical processes.