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Escort services for exceptional transport

Your partner for escorting exceptional transports

Heavy Pilots & Permits owns a modern fleet of escort vehicles. With a team consisting of certified and experienced supervisors, our knowledge and expertise ensures that we are able to pilot all the giants of the road safely to their destination. We offer:

  • comprehensive understanding of all legislation and permits

  • constant monitoring of construction activities on the road network

Over the years, Heavy Pilots & Permits has developed outstanding relationships with the ministries of transport in Belgium and neighboring countries (the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Germany and the United Kingdom).

Heavy Pilots & Permits holds license number 16.1174.04 for security companies.

Contact details: 

Pilots / Permits : 0032 3 201 57 30

On-call number (19:00u - 08.00u): 0032 470 673 484


Direct Contacts:

General Operations                                            European Permits

Steven van Ael : +32 3 201 57 35                      Dennis Elzendoorn : +32 3 201 57 36

Planning                                                              Administration & Invoicing 

Steven van Ael : +32 3 201 57 35                       Astrid Stessens : +32 3 201 57 32


Exceptional transport

Pilot vehicles

In Belgium, specially equipped escort vehicles are required for any road transport that exceeds 30 m in length, 3.5 m in width, 4.8 m in height or weighing more than 90 tons. Our vehicle fleet is fully compliant with Belgian, Dutch, French and Luxembourg legislation. Certified escorts facilitate smooth international transports without delays.

We will handle all of the procedures and regulations to move your valuable freight safely to its final destination. Where necessary, we rent out mandatory equipment to guide your exceptional vehicle over the road in accordance with the law, including reflective strips and exceptional transport signs.

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Heavy pilots and permits

Route surveys

Heavy Pilots & Permits is your partner for your exceptional transport route surveys. Having a route evaluation done in advance prevents unpleasant surprises: we will drive the complete itinerary and perform a thorough analysis.

We will draw up a detailed road book containing all of the obstacles: traffic circle, low or narrow viaducts and the load-bearing capacity of bridges. This road book uses visuals where possible, providing tips and advice on turning circles and the ideal way to deal with blind spots.

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Permits for exceptional transport

We are a center of expertise in the area of special legislation and permits for exceptional transports. We are specialists in acquiring the necessary permits for Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and other countries.