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Partnership with Schelde Exotech puts on weight

Gosselin has been transporting large industrial components for Schelde Exotech for years. Now that the company is moving to a new location, the weight restrictions no longer apply, and Gosselin is looking forward to new possibilities.

Up until the present, Schelde Exotech worked from the old port in the area around Vlissingen, which entailed the expected restrictions on weight and dimensions of the machines the company manufactures. They are moving to the new port area where the options, like the components, are bigger.  “Schelde Exotech develops machines and components for the oil and gas industry,” Senior Logistics Executive Ronny Michiels explains. “These units are larger than a standard truck, and weigh up to two or even three hundred tons.”

Gosselin handles the logistics for these projects. Depending on the contract between Schelde Exotech and their customer, Logistics transports the components directly from the Schelde Exotech site to the final destination, or from Schelde Exotech to the port of destination (at the customer’s request). “These projects always involve a lot of pre-planning and organization. We visit the production sites to determine what is or isn’t possible, and learn more about the different modes of transport that can be used, local conditions, and local regulations,” according to Ronny. “We spent a year on a single project in Germany, for example. This came with the expected and unexpected obstacles, but ultimately we always bring every transport to a successful conclusion.”

Schelde Exotec industrial components

About Gosselin Logistics

Gosselin Logistics is a leading provider of logistics services. With activities ranging from terminal operations, forwarding and warehouse storage to customs formalities Gosselin Logistics can offer its customers a constant supply chain. Heavy-Gosselin is a division of Gosselin Logistics specialized in industrial projects.  

Gosselin Logistics is a division of the Gosselin Group that has its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in 1930 and employs a staff of 800 that generates more than 350 million euros in turnover. 

Truck wrap

Wrapped, stuffed, transported

For the customer Eco-Modal, Gosselin picked up a tank truck which was then wrapped in shrink wrap and stuffed onto a 40ft flatbed. The assignment resulted in a great collaboration between the exceptional transport team and the container terminal.
Helicopter transport

Helicopters, trucks, deep sea vessels. Gosselin Logistics gets the job done

Helicopter International Shipping Services needed to transport two helicopters to Jebel Ali and approached Gosselin Logistics to take on the task. The fuselages were picked up from a MAFI rolltrailer and transferred by truck to be re-stowed on a 40ft flat rack at the Gosselin facility. The helicopters were then transported to the Port of Antwerp and loaded onto a full container vessel.
Auction Logistics

Auction Logistics also ships internationally

A subsidiary of Gosselin Logistics, Auction Logistics has been asked to handle yet another great project, in collaboration with Troostwijk Auctions. During a six-week period, they will dismantle a large installation and ship it to Sweden.