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Gosselin Logistics at the Breakbulk Africa Fair

Walter Van Mechelen and Geert De Wilde attended the first Annual Meeting of the CrossTrades network in Johannesburg, South Africa before exhibiting at the Breakbulk Africa Fair. Our determination to become a player on the African market, using strong local agents in the Sub Saharan countries has never been more outspoken. Gosselin Logistics has access to agents in 33 countries in Africa thanks to the Crosstrades network. Crosstrades only accepts exclusive partnerships (maximum of 2 agents per country) and is actively helping its members to capture new business. Inland destinations to landlocked remote areas in Africa become accessible by air or sea corridors.

International logistics executives cannot ignore the African market. African growth, expected to average six percent in 2016, has been fueled by growing domestic demand, infrastructure development and an increase in continental trade. With endless logistics opportunities available as Africa places itself squarely in the middle of the global value chain, now it is time to assess opportunities and risks for the breakbulk and project cargo transportation industry. The combined fair and conference provided Gosselin with a unique platform to:

  • Build stronger business relationships and discover business opportunities through networking with different African agents and direct customers
  • Strengthen our team and support our clients and prospects with the in-depth, on-target business intelligence offered by specific programs and workshops
  • Take advantage of educational opportunities for the years ahead

The diversity of delegate titles, companies, cargoes and geographies that attend Breakbulk events creates a unique transactional environment not found at any other event in Africa. Whereas we are used to seeing thousands of people attending these fairs in Antwerp or Houston, the African edition was definitely less crowded but the quality was there. All professionals are looking for solutions. Our booth under the Crosstrades brand represented AMI, Kenfreight, Comexas, Syntrans, Gosselin and Celtic.

Gosselin Logistics at the breakbulk fair Africa

About Gosselin Logistics

Gosselin Logistics manages logistic supply chains between Europe, China, Africa and the rest of the world. Offering a complete range of logistic services, from forwarding and warehousing to customs clearance including specialized services such as lashing and securing and manufacturing overflow and storage crates. Gosselin Logistics is part of the Gosselin Group.

Gosselin originated in 1930 and counts more than 700 employees that generate a revenue of more than 200 million euro. Its headquarters are located strategically at the Albert Canal in Deurne, its inland terminal connects the ports of Antwerp and Rotterdam to the European hinterland. The company has 48 offices in 32 countries and is strongly represented in Europe, Eastern Europe, Russia and Central Asia.

Pilots and Permits exceptional cargo

‘Our transports are getting bigger, but our roads aren’t’

Have you ever looked at a wind turbine and wondered how these giants got to their location? Believe it or not, there are people specialized in ensuring exceptional transport like this stays on track. Literally, since every bend in the road and intersection is examined and measured in advance. Lina Rombouts, in charge of the Pilots & Permits division, tells us more.
Gosselin airfreight Brucargo

‘Air freight makes our service as a one-stop shop complete’

In 2000, Gosselin Logistics decided to set up an air freight division. This move made the thoroughly Belgian logistics services company’s offering as a one-stop shop complete. “Thanks to our presence at Brucargo’s facility, we are able to offer our customers a full range of services. Many customers who use road, rail and ocean transport also need air freight from time to time,” says Dirk Van Hoomissen, Business Unit Manager for 360° Logistics.
Westhinder lashing and securing

Pasec Port zekert historisch schip

Zeg niet zomaar boot tegen de Westhinder III. Dit lichtschip fungeerde vanaf 1864 als richtingsaanwijzer voor de schepen zoals de verkeersborden dat voor auto’s doen. Met lichtsignalen en een misthoorn hielp het schippers navigeren langs zandbanken en kliffen. Ondertussen met pensioen en gered van de schroothoop is de Westhinder naar haar laatste kaai gevaren en verankerd met de hulp van Pasec Port, Gosselin .