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Gosselin Event & Auction Logistics means all-inclusive service

Gosselin wants to offer its customers a complete package of logistic services. Event Logistics and Auction Logistics are two of the latest additions to our range. The first focuses on the logistics story behind large events and festivals, while the second responds to the needs of buyers, sellers and online auctions. Business Development Manager Patrick Puts tells us more.

(written by KMOinsider)

Around twenty years ago, auctions of business inventory were primarily a local phenomenon. Companies looking to renew their machinery, or businesses that were moving or folding, and the lots of goods associated with these activities were auctioned off at a local rented space to interested entrepreneurs from the area. “The arrival of the Internet changed everything,” according to Patrick. “These days, entrepreneurs leave the sale of these items to an online auction house, making it possible to reach a broad international audience. This gives the buyers a much wider selection to choose from.” After this, the key is to get the goods to their final destination as fast as possible. A job that is right up Gosselin’s alley.

Patrick Puts
One-stop-shop for Auction Logistics

An all-inclusive service for everything involved in logistics is Gosselin’s core business. Offering Auction Logistics is fully aligned with this philosophy. Buyers comb international auctions looking for goods, but a purchase is just the first step. Sometimes it’s necessary to pack up materials or disassemble machines. Regardless of the situation, customs formalities will also be involved with transport from locations all over the world, and then there’s the option of storage in warehouses. All of this comes at a price, and customers ask for certain guarantees. “Gosselin can rely on years of experience with all of these elements. This is why Belgian and Dutch auction houses call on our expertise for the full logistics chain,” Patrick clarifies.

Why should you go for Gosselin?

The one-stop-shop approach we apply to Auction Logistics offers many advantages. Customers no longer need to engage in separate negotiations with a packing company, a transport company, a company that disassembles machinery...Thanks to a single point of contact, they can arrange the entire operation, including all of the customs and other formalities. “Gosselin has the experience, position and the reputation of being a reliable logistics partner. We can transport just about any kind of load overseas or by road. The disassembly of machinery is also done in accordance with the codes of practice. We arrange all of the customs paperwork and make storage space available at strategic locations on the water. In short, we ensure customers can get a good night’s sleep. We make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are in the right place, and offer quality at competitive prices.”

Event en auction logistics
Auction Logistics and Event Logistics: related activities

Behind every large event, concert or festival is a major logistics operation. Patrick also knows the tricks of the trade when it comes to these jobs. “Setting up these types of event locations follows a precise playbook. This includes the times you can enter the site, all of the things you have to get to the location (containers, stage components, audio-visual equipment, tents, restroom facilities, you name it) and when everything has to be removed again. Just like we do at Auction Logistics, Event Logistics also takes all the cares off our customers’ hands. We are the single point of contact that ensures everything goes smoothly.” Gosselin’s references speak volumes.  Tomorrowland, Rammstein and André Rieu are just a few of the most notable names in our order book.

Are you interested in all-inclusive services in Auction Logistics or Event Logistics? Would you like to learn more about what Gosselin has to offer?If so, be sure to contact us at no obligation.

About Gosselin Logistics

Gosselin Logistics is a leading provider of logistics services. With activities ranging from terminal operations, forwarding and warehouse storage to customs formalities Gosselin Logistics can offer its customers a constant supply chain. Heavy-Gosselin is a division of Gosselin Logistics specialized in industrial projects.  

Gosselin Logistics is a division of the Gosselin Group that has its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in 1930 and employs a staff of 800 that generates more than 350 million euros in turnover. 

Wood storage

Gosselin Logistics offers quick storage solution

Antwerp Cargo Movers, recently acquired by Gosselin, needed an urgent solution to store 900 cubic meters of wood for their customer. Gosselin and Pasec Port came to their aid, resulting in an efficient collaboration between all three companies.
Prime Forest, Treecraft, Solid Doors & Gosselin

With a smiling face

Just before the end of the year 2023, a delightful gift falls from the sky for Prime Forest, Treecraft, Solid Doors, and Gosselin. A splendid collaboration between the companies has been formalized. In the coming years, the enterprises of Treecraft, Prime Forest, and Solid Doors will collaborate with Gosselin to ensure the smooth flow of various logistical processes.
Prime Forest, Treecraft, Solid Doors & Gosselin

Met de glimlach op het gezicht

Net voor de eindejaarsperiode van 2023 valt er voor Prime Forest, Treecraft, Solid Doors én Gosselin nog een heerlijk geschenk uit de lucht. Een pracht van een samenwerking tussen de ondernemingen werd immers bekrachtigd. De komende jaren zullen de ondernemingen van Treecraft, Prime Forest en Solid Doors samenwerken met Gosselin om de diverse logistieke stromen tot in de puntjes te laten verlopen.