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Gosselin also provides customers with an all-inclusive service for customs documentation

Customs legislation is notorious for being unusually complex and subject to continuous change. Very few import-export companies have the necessary in-house expertise to properly handle all of the formalities. Gosselin clients can rely on our customs clearance department for all their documentation needs. As an AEO-certified customs agency, Bert Lenaerts and his team guide them through every part of this process.

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A forwarding and customs expert in logistics, Bert Lenaerts has been active at Gosselin for twelve years. Together with his 15-man team, he is responsible for the customs paperwork for the entire organization, as well as for certain clients that avail themselves of  Gosselin’s services. As a fairly large customs representative at the Port of Antwerp, they are skilled in every aspect of the profession.

Expertise in customs paperwork

All goods that enter or leave the EU are subject to customs formalities. The legislation involving VAT and import duties is particularly complex. “We have considerable in-house expertise in our field,” Bert Lenaerts says proudly. “Several of our customs clerks pride themselves on their many years of experience. We know the proverbial tricks of the trade.” It goes without saying that this know-how is closely related to Gosselin’s specific activities. In addition to the “current” customs clearance work, the focus is also on moves and military and diplomatic shipments.

Douane administratie
Finger on the pulse

Bert belongs to several customs work groups (such as VOKA (employer organization), FORWARD (forwarding organization) and more) and also closely follows the National Forum’s work. He is also a Customer Program Manager at Portilog,  an organization that gives port-related and logistics training programs. “All of these networking activities enable me to keep my finger on the pulse of the customs landcape. This keeps me and my team constantly up-to-date, since the regulations change like clockwork.” Staying current on relevant developments is important; after all, customs representatives are the link between the party shipping or receiving goods and the customs authorities. These individuals can spare clients from many headaches (and fines).

Part of the total solution

This also means that Gosselin clients have an advantage. Anyone calling on the 360° logistics services company for forwarding, warehousing, terminal operations and transport solutions can also benefit from the high-quality and fast handling of customs formalities. Import and export companies are free to do this themselves, but this comes with the risk that they don’t take advantage of opportunities to save. “On an annual basis, we ensure that 60,000 declarations go perfectly. I emphasize to my team that we work in a service sector. I see it more and more as our duty to keep clients up-to-date about the changes in the subject matter, and to assist them where possible. When we fill in all the right codes on a customs declaration, the client doesn’t just avoid sanctions, but also the risk of paying too much VAT and duties,” Bert says.

Looking for a reliable partner for your customs documentation? Gosselin, the 360° logistics services company, would be happy to help. Don’t hesitate:  be sure to contact us

About Gosselin Logistics

Gosselin Logistics is a leading provider of logistics services. With activities ranging from terminal operations, forwarding and warehouse storage to customs formalities Gosselin Logistics can offer its customers a constant supply chain. Heavy-Gosselin is a division of Gosselin Logistics specialized in industrial projects.  

Gosselin Logistics is a division of the Gosselin Group that has its headquarters in Antwerp, Belgium. The company was founded in 1930 and employs a staff of 800 that generates more than 350 million euros in turnover. 

Wood storage

Gosselin Logistics offers quick storage solution

Antwerp Cargo Movers, recently acquired by Gosselin, needed an urgent solution to store 900 cubic meters of wood for their customer. Gosselin and Pasec Port came to their aid, resulting in an efficient collaboration between all three companies.
Prime Forest, Treecraft, Solid Doors & Gosselin

With a smiling face

Just before the end of the year 2023, a delightful gift falls from the sky for Prime Forest, Treecraft, Solid Doors, and Gosselin. A splendid collaboration between the companies has been formalized. In the coming years, the enterprises of Treecraft, Prime Forest, and Solid Doors will collaborate with Gosselin to ensure the smooth flow of various logistical processes.
Prime Forest, Treecraft, Solid Doors & Gosselin

Met de glimlach op het gezicht

Net voor de eindejaarsperiode van 2023 valt er voor Prime Forest, Treecraft, Solid Doors én Gosselin nog een heerlijk geschenk uit de lucht. Een pracht van een samenwerking tussen de ondernemingen werd immers bekrachtigd. De komende jaren zullen de ondernemingen van Treecraft, Prime Forest en Solid Doors samenwerken met Gosselin om de diverse logistieke stromen tot in de puntjes te laten verlopen.