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Industrial forwarding services

Experienced teams provide end-to-end supply chain solutions
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Supply chain solutions

We provide end-to-end consistency throughout your supply chain.
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Create visibility in your supply chain from origin to destination.
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Consumer and industrial goods

Forwarding expertise for a wide range of commodities, including breakbulk, heavy machinery and consumer goods.
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Personalized approach

We offer tailor-made solutions
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Experience and expertise

Years of experience in connecting businesses all around the world.
Optimizing through innovation

We provide visibility and consistency in your flow of products, with ample documentation and information throughout the entire process.

We are AEO-certified and we will assist and guide you through all your customs requirements. 

Create efficiency and manage disruption better through our state-of-the-art technology. 

Forwarding services

Customs solutions

for specific logistic needs and for a wide range of clients
Customer-oriented approach

We manage and optimize the logistic flows from your factory to your client, and offer visibility and consistency in your supply chain, from origin to destination. Total supply chain monitoring makes Gosselin Logistics your powerhouse for modern logistics management.

Let us design the most optimal supply chain solution for you. Get in touch today.

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