Heavy challenges, solid solutions
Heavy challenges, solid solutions

HEAVY offers exceptional services for your exceptional assets. With over 20 years of dedicated experience, our team of in-house experts offer a one-stop-shop solution for your full logistics chain – 24/7, 365 days a year!

Our customers are no-nonsense global players, that believe in building strong, long-term relationships based on commitment and trust. We respect & admire their ambition to being ‘best-in-class’, and therefore we work with this same philosophy in order to ensure mutual growth and success. If this type of partnership is what you are looking for, then contact us, and let us get enthusiastic about your business needs.

Heavy contract logistics

Contract Logistics

Our proactive and ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking ensures that our team becomes an integral part of your team - and your business success, becomes our top priority! We will support your international business from production to installation, every step of the way.
Exceptional transport at Heavy Gosselin Logistics

Exceptional Transport

We offer multi-modal solutions for any over-sized cargo. In our world of exceptional transport, it is not just about moving goods from A-Z. The success of our business, and yours, is built on communication, planning and perfect execution.
Heavy pilots and permits

Pilots and Permits

Heavy Pilots & Permits is the number one partner in the Belgian Market for your exceptional transport when it comes to permits, route surveys and escorts. 24/7 - 365 days a year...
About us

In 2016, the Heavy Group of Companies became part of the Gosselin Group. 

With a focus on selected niche markets such as renewable energies, heavy machinery and heavy industry we have made a strategic decision to differentiate ourselves from other general players in the market, thereby offering our customers the niche-market know-how and dedication that they deserve.

You can expect exceptional service for every shipment that has exceptional dimensions.

It goes without saying that we have all the necessary certificates and permits, and we are compliant with all safety guarantees.


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Uitzonderlijk vervoer

Geen uitzonderlijk vervoer is te uitzonderlijk voor Gosselin

Een onderneming die zichzelf als een ‘360° logistics partner’ profileert, is het aan haar stand verplicht ook uitzonderlijk vervoer aan te bieden. Bij Gosselin staat de afdeling Heavy in voor deze taak onder het motto ‘een uitzonderlijke service voor een uitzonderlijke lading’. Het aanbod omvat verder nog industriële forwarding, Pilots & Permits’ en event logistics.
Wind turbine transport

Legally going against the flow

HEAVY was asked to transport six windmill tower sections for a new wind farm in Arendonk. Measuring 53 meters in length and weighing 134 tons each, this was a challenging task for Gosselin’s Pilots and Permits division that still managed to bring the job to a successful conclusion once again.
Exceptional transport

HEAVY handles exceptional transport weighing 92 tons

Industrial Projects division, HEAVY is proud to have organized the safe exceptional transport, coordination, handling, and loading of two giant diesel engines onto a heavy-lift vessel travelling from Ghent to Antwerp.